surprise! I’ve started a YouTube channel!

52 card pick up

that's how my brain feels right now. I have so many cards stacked on so many surfaces and I don't even know where to start picking them up -- let alone sort them. let's take this post -- i started writing that paragraph (^) about two hours ago after wrestling with trying to figure out …

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On love, in sadness

Oh love, it's a brittle madness I sing about it in all my sadness... ...I am insofar to know the measure of love isn't loss Love will never ever be lost on me. "On Love, In Sadness" - Jason Mraz How can someone quantify grief? Because there are times when it feels all consuming, immeasurable, …

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Writing is an eternal offering

Author’s Note:This was written in June and unfinished... With these words i offer you a sliver of the skin of my fingertips, a taste of the inside of my cheeky mouth, and a pulse of blood from the pump of my strongest and most fragile muscle. I write in the hopes that with every word …

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